Jennifer and Richard | Olowalu Plantation House Wedding + Maui Wedding Photographer

Early September, Megan Julia  and I had such a memorable and amazing time in Maui. The moment we first landed in Lahaina, we had our snorkel gears in check and was ready to jump in the gigantic pool. With Megan’s little portable fishing rod, we both managed to catch about 6  state fishes, also known as the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa–I believe it’s spelled that way…

On September 3rd, we traveled to Olowalu Plantation House for Jennifer and Richard’s beautiful wedding. It was our first wedding photographed in Maui! We look forward to capturing more weddings throughout Hawaii in the future! Thank you Jennifer and Richard for this amazing experience!

We want to thank Lori , event coordinator from Tropical Maui Weddings and cinemtographers from Cinemaui. It was a pleasure working with everyone!