Jennifer and Richard Part 1 | Snow Engagement Session + Big Bear Photography | Kevin Le Vu Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago,  I ventured away from Orange County and carpooled with Jennifer and Richard toward Big Bear. The engagement session was held a day after 12 inches of snow came tumbling down the mountain. The weather cannot be missed, chains on tires, high winds, snowing– My index finger was literally frozen while clicking the camera. When afternoon finally came, things started warming up with a snowboard session! Walking in snow was the worst… It was a must! Jennifer and Richard, i hope you had fun as much as i did! It was one crazy trip to Chevron and Walmart : )– but those chains made everything worth wild. Here are my favorites from their day.

Yeap! It was Freezing!

The hike to get up here was well worth the trip! The snow was ankle high, worst than Tough Mudder.