Kevin and Megan | Our Trip to Washington D.C. to New York | Kevin Le Vu Wedding Photographer

Happy New Years Everyone! Over the past week, Megan and I have traveled the distance to visit Washington D.C. and New York– I believed we were prepared for the blazing cold weather in some ways… Staying with my cousin in a small town called Alexandria brought my eyes to a different perspective (engagement session ideas?) The town was filled with history as we walked the block. I couldn’t place my camera down with all the unique landscapes and architectures that were surrounding us. Megan and i basically walked everywhere in D.C. till our legs were burnt. After spending New Years, we hopped on a bolt bus to New York— most of our expenses were donated to taxi cabs. NY was fun while it lasted before the cold wind rushed through the city. The trip was certainly memorable and we both look forward to coming back soon for some engagement sessions and weddings!